GoGigify is a personalised gig finder based on your Spotify activity.

Both James (@jamesckemp) and I (@chewx) listen to Spotify whilst working; all day, every day. We share music constantly and have very similar taste. It’s fair to say we love music. However, we rarely go to gigs. Although I feel I support artists via Spotify, it doesn’t beat going to a gig and never will.

We want people to go to gigs. We want people to drop technology for a moment and enjoy live music in person.

As heavy users of Spotify we thought that we could create something that would help people go to more gigs. As such GoGigify was born. We hooked up a few APIs, pulled down your Spotify activity, and merged them together to give you a personalised list of upcoming gigs and events.

We allow you to search all different types of your Spotify activity; top artists, saved artists, followed artists, and artists in playlists. We appreciate everyone uses Spotify differently so we feel these search types will suit everyone.

If you find something of interest, simply save it to your favourites and we will keep it in a safe place for your next login. Or, what we would much rather you do, is click the GO link, get your ticket booked and Go Gigging!

You may say, “Isn’t this already in Spotify”, well no, it isn’t. There isn’t a place you can view all upcoming events. I’ve never discovered as much music in my life as I have through Spotify. GoGigigy helps you push that discovery further by attending gigs from the music you listen to. Most of my top artists I barely know, but the handy preview helps me remember who they are and entices me to book tickets to their gig.

Anyway, enough of the intro, let’s get exploring your Spotify activity to start finding more gigs.